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The Black-Belt Legal GuideSM is an essential information resource, covering a wide range of important legal topics. Black-Belt Legal Guides are written by top attorneys and legal professionals in your community who are committed to educating you on the law. We select Black-Belt Legal Guide authors for their command of the issues and their experience with the law.

Two reasons why you should use Black-Belt Legal Guides before taking action --

One, the Guide educates you about important issues and options. You’ll learn from the best legal minds in your community, before deciding on a course of action.

Two, when you’re ready to hire an attorney and seek legal advice (which we recommend), the Black-Belt Legal Guide gives you a superior way to compare competing law firms. Unlike advertising, the Guide gives you a real measure of a firm’s capabilities.

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Tools to Manage your Legal Troubles

What we’ve learned, from listening to people about their dealings with the legal-system, is that most of us share common feelings of anxiety and grief --

  • The best legal solution is too expensive.
  • The legal process creates an uncontrollable situation that threatens my security.
  • The law is complex and confusing.
  • I worry that I’m making the wrong decision.
  • I feel like I lack the resources to find the best solution for my situation.

ClearPointLaw.com was developed to relieve this stress and uncertainty by publishing the best legal information resources available. We do not offer legal advice. Instead, we provide tools to help you make better decisions.

ClearPointLaw.com is a community-centered resource, created to serve the community good. We invite you to use all of our resources and to invite others to do the same. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please leave us feedback. If you find something useful, please share it with others, either through social media or email.

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